Shenzhen Jiahui Printing Industry Co., Ltd.

All-in-One Packaging Solutions for Customers.


As a leader in full-line solutions for packaging & printing procurement and supply chains, Jiahui is committed to providing innovative packaging solutions and creating packaging & printing products that can compete on a global level.

Our technical expertise and advanced machinery and equipment enable us to provide customers with better services and higher value.

With over a decade of experience working in the printing industry, every member of our team is familiar with the current trends, business processes and production processes of the printing industry. We combine strong business acumen with rich technical expertise to provide professional services such as creative design, integrated printing manufacturing, multi-regional operations, and product packaging procurement agency.

Full-Process Manufacturing Equipment

Jiahui continually creates greater value for customers and focuses on the research and development of new technologies and the update and transformation of automation equipment. We possess the world’s most advanced printing equipment and operate using fully automated processes, including automatic film laminating machines, UV, pit mounted machines, beer ironing machines, box sticking machines, saddle finishers, glue binders and other equipment.

We have our own professional design team, print workshop and post-processing workshop, so all kinds of processes can be completed in the factory at once.

Serving the World

Jiahui has 12 service outlets around the world, and also operates manufacturing bases in China and Vietnam.

providing our customers with the most creative, effective, and highest-value procurement and supply chain solutions.

  • 12

    Service outlets

  • 2

    Production base

Creative design

Jiahui strives to achieve creative design that is founded on brand planning as the core. We conduct whole case planning that spans from brand positioning and conceptual design to series product packaging design. We also provide a full range of innovative designs and overall packaging solutions in terms of the plane, structure, modeling, materials, and craftsmanship, thereby increasing the value our products create for customers.

Product Series

Jiahui adopts a holistic procurement method, adopting a core business model of bulk commodity trading, which involves traditional printing and packaging, environmentally friendly paper tray packaging and other business areas.

In response to the fields of business, various types of printing packaging products are available to realize the "one-stop purchase".


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